ITC 4500 Northeastern University Curtain Ninja Cats Project Management Discussion

Question Description

You are the PM for a project to create a new game designed for cat lovers. The business case done for this project revealed that there is a very large segment of the population that love cats, and are also in need of new in-home entertainment, i.e. digital games, for which they would be willing to pay a sufficient fee to fund the game development and marketing. The business case did not develop a detailed description of the rules and visual imagery associated with the game, just that it should include a variety of cats and cat environments. The rest is up to the development team. There is a sponsor, Joe Sponser, in your company who is advocating for this idea, and has the authority to fund it. You have been given the go-ahead to develop a preliminary WBS so that the work can be more accurately estimated for schedule and budget purposes and evaluated for inclusion in the company’s Project Portfolio. Joe wants to see the WBS, properly organized into an MS Project or ProjectLibre file.

You have been provided with a selection of items that are likely to be in your WBS. Below, you can see these in a format you can use to cut out and arrange physically, like you might with refrigerator magnets. Or just use the Excel spreadsheet that accompanies these instructions, which can be imported into your project management tool of choice.

You may organize your WBS by deliverable, phase or both – just make your organization CLEAR. Some of the elements provided are tasks, others are phases/deliverables or interim products.

You should incorporate most/all of the items into your WBS. You may reuse some of the items IF you add appropriate “discriminators” to the wording. You may find some items do not fit well into the way you have chosen to organize your WBS, and may leave them out. You should also be able to add some of your own items, either further decomposition of tasks that are shown, or additional tasks that were not addressed. Please limit the number of additional items to no more than 5 or so.

Rubric guidance:

Depth of Thought will be based the clarity and detail of your WBS. The organization should be clear, with tasks categorized logically. Additional items added to the WBS list should show that you have thoughtfully considered the needs of the project.

Tools and Techniques will be based on your ability to use your tool of choice (MS Project or ProjectLibre to set up and present your WBS to “Joe”. You are expected to provide a file that can be opened in one of the two applications available to your instructor, as well as a pdf or doc file, with any annotations you feel will help Joe understand your work. It also includes using appropriate naming techniques for all items in your WBS.

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