JRN 4403 Troy University ACT Requirement for Admission of New Students Paper

Question Description

Write a one minute newcast

Live Radio Newscast 1-2-3 Assignment

Write a 2, 3 & 4-minute newscast, complete with introduction, closing , news stories, sports stories, and a weather forecast.

The assignment is to show how well you can write short and to the point stories while including pertinent information. It will also demonstrate your ability to read aloud with confidence, clarity and style.

You are a reporter for wiregrassstudentradio.com. Write this as one long script and turn in a copy before recording it.

Write your leads in present, present-perfect or future tense. Your leads must be tru leads, incorporating the 5 Ws. Your stories must deal with actual recent or upcoming events concerning students at Troy University. That is the station for which you work this month. Sports stories are not merely scores.

The pattern for your introduction should be:

“This is __________________ for wiregrassstudentradio.com News.”

You will close with the weather as your last story and conclude with the temperature and your name plus “for wiregrassstudentradio.com News”.

It is expected that your first newscast will not be as good as your second and that your third should be the best of all. You should improve with practice and instruction. Strive to do your best. Practice reading out loud. Record it and listen to it with a critical ear. You will lose points for sloppy delivery, careless mistakes, and mispronouncing names of people or places. This is where practice helps. You will be an actual reporter, so do your very best. Don’t be boring, predictable or disinterested, but do not bias your report with asides, comments or careless choice of words.

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