OSHA 3079 Written Respiratory Protection Program Wk 6 Questions

Question Description

Please answer all questions below based on reading and multimedia sources. Be thorough and use complete sentences. If you use outside information different from what was provided this week, please provide a reference or content link.

Submission Format:

Download the word document for the questions or respond in the text box below. If responding in the text box, please make it clear which question you are answering by numbering your answers with the corresponding question number or by copying the questions and writing your answer next to it. If you are using google docs, make sure it is unlocked so I can access it for grading.


Week 6 Questions Word Document Link

3M RespiratorSelectionGuide_English.pdf

    1. Describe which components are required of a written respiratory protection program. Explain each section you list.
    2. Define an air purifying respirator and a supplied air respirator. How are they different? In what conditions can you not use an air purifying respirator?
    3. Using the eTools program provided by OSHA, knowledge from previous modules, and this week’s reading and multimedia assignments, fill in the appropriate answers below.
    Chemical Name and CAS Number Exposure Level (8 hours) Permissible Exposure Level (OSHA) Hazard Ratio Respirator Type
    Formaldehyde50-00-0 TWA 5 ppm
    Napthalene91-20-3 TWA 25 ppm
    2-Pentanone107-87-9 TWA 689 ppm
    Chloroacetaldehyde107-20-0 TWA 51 ppm
    1. Given the chemicals below, list which cartridge would apply to each chemical if an air purifying respirator is allowed. Use the 3M Respirator Selection Guide for assistance. Although you can find information in the NIOSH Pocket Guide, it is best practice to go directly to the respirator manufacturer for the correct cartridge.
    Chemical Name and CAS Number Cartridge for APR
    Chlorine Dioxide10049-04-4
    Mercury, metallic mercury vapor7439-97-6

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