PGCC Nurses Provide Direct Patient Care in A Variety of Settings Questions

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  • 1) What is Clark’s rule?
  • 2) What should you do if a provider gives you a verbal or telephone order for your patient?
  • 3) Your patient has an order for Morphine sulfate 100mg IV every 4 hours for pain. You know that this is way above the “normal” adult dose. What should you do?
  • 4) You watch a nurse pour a patient’s medication into a medication cup but poured too much. What should the nurse do with the excess medication?
  • 5) When instilling your patient’s eye drops what part of the eye should you put the eye drops?
  • 6) You are to administer a 1 year old ear drops. What position should you pull the pinna and why?
  • 7) You are to assist your patient in taking a corticosteroid inhaler. You give him water to rinse his mouth and a cup to spit in. The patient asks you why he must rinse each time he takes his inhaler. What do you tell him?
  • 8) Your patient is to receive 10 units of regular insulin and 15 units of NPH. These insulins are compatible to mix. How do you draw them up in one syringe? Which one should you draw up first?
  • 9) Your patient’s medication comes in a glass ampule. What type of needle should you use to draw the medication up? Can you use the same needle to administer the medication?
  • 10) You get report from the off going shift nurse. She tells you she did not give Mr. Smith his medication and it is in the top drawer of the medication cart. You look and see opened pills in a cup marked with Mr. Smith’s name. What should you do?

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