UNH LIfeboat Cubic Capacity for Happy Cruises Inc Technical Memorandum

Question Description

Belichik Marine Engineering

Plans and Specifications Division

TO: Project Engineers, Testing team
FROM: Taylor Swift, Manager—Marine Safety Systems
DATE: September 2nd, 2020
SUBJECT: Lifeboat Capacity for Happy Cruises, Inc.

As you know, Happy Cruises, Inc. has hired us to develop plans and specifications for its new fleet of ocean-going cruise ships. As part of that contract, our division must determine the number of occupants who can be safely loaded on to lifeboats used on these ships. Please summarize your findings in a one-page technical memo to me using this company standard memo format. I need to include this information in a high-level presentation to Happy Cruises managers. None of these managers are engineers, so write the memo so that non-engineers can understand your approach.

Please address the following in your memo:

  • Estimate of number of passengers a lifeboat can safely transport;
  • Assumptions made (including any effects of fluid density, temperature, etc.);
  • Approach used to arrive at this estimate;
  • Potential sources of error associated with your approach.

I also need you to attach a calculations page as an appendix to illustrate your model design with formulas and calculations. Note that I have only one day to prepare my presentation, so I really need to see your information in a concise format that gives me all the critical information in a concise memo.

Memo Specifications:

  • Follow Technical Memo format (reference class slides)
  • 1-page (250 words), single spaced except between paragraphs, block style
  • Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, 1 inch margins on all sides

Note: Please specify how long it took you to prepare the memo and appendix calculation and include at bottom of appendix section or in Canvas assignment text box

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