ACT College US Presidency Article Paper

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The Presidency

Findan article detailing one thing the President is currently doing/considering/ advocating, and complete the following: 1) provide acomplete summary of the article, 2) address any biases you see in thearticle or any evidence that disproves it, and 3) explain your opinionabout the viewpoint of the article or the subject matter it isdiscussing (for example, if the President is pushing a certain agenda doyou agree with it? What would you change and why?).

Thefollowing applies to all article assignments: Students must find theirown articles for this assignment, students may not use any of thesupplementary articles posted on mylearning for an article assignment. Articles should be current event news articles, from reliable news sources(e.g. The Washington Post, The New York Times, USA Today, etc.). Onlinearticles are acceptable as long as the source has a print presence(e.g. is acceptable because the New York Times is alsoavailable in paper form. The Huffington Post would not be acceptablebecause it is an online medium only). Articles should be news articles,not opinion pieces.

All research, including the article you are using for this assignment, should be cited in APA format.

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