Alabama Southern Community College Classic Music Fan Discourse Community Essay

Question Description

Outline: Classic music fan discourse community


Classic music is a music art that is based on western culture and traditions. The music includes secular music and liturgical music; it is also classified into different styles that utilize different rhythm and movement.

Discussion of Community

The high school student’s community is known for their love for different music genres. This discourse community listens to music for entertainment purposes, socialization purposes, and learning different life issues.

Thesis Statement: Classic music is typical among high school students. It provides a ground for them to learn about different life issues and increase their intelligence levels.

  • Classic music Discourse Community- High school community
  • Community connection
  • Shared goals, values, or interests of the Discourse Community
  • Digital resources
  • Group’s communication
  • Authority Figures in this DC
  • Genres used
  • Main intentions of the communication
  • Visual Communications
    • Typography is included to make the music copy clear, appealing, and legible
  • Unspoken rules or expectations of the DC
  • Other discourse communities are connected to the high school discourse community
  • -High school students are great consumers of classical music
  • -High school students are great fans of the romantic era of classical music
  • -Also, listen to avant-garde atonal compositions
  • -High school students listen to classical music for social connection
  • -Classic music offers high school students knowledge on different aspects of life
  • -Classic music enables high school students to connect
  • -Classic music relates to their academic goals
  • -Have similar interests in the rhythm of classical music
  • -Memorizing the lyrics provides acceptance to this discourse community
  • -Familiarity with a wide range of classical music earns acceptance
  • -Online music sites that provide a wide range of classical music
  • -Artist websites where different classic music artists unload their music
  • -The discourse community communicate in school, through social gatherings, and also through social media sites
  • -The discourse group share random opinions with no formal way of facilitating communication
  • -Communication is continuous on different social media platforms
  • -All group members are allowed to speak and air their views; the leaders, however, are more respected and their opinions highly valued
  • -Those with a wide knowledge of classical music are the authority figures in the group
  • -They are highly respected and listened to
  • -Avant-Garde classical music is commonly used by this discourse group to communicate
  • -The discourse group use this genre to challenge new innovative ideas that help them achieve their education and life goals
  • -Through communication, the discourse group share opinions on the content of the music
  • -They brainstorm on the crucial points put forward in the music
  • -All members of the discourse community must have basic knowledge of classical music
  • -All members must know some famous classic music
  • -The high school discourse community is connected to the young adult’s discourse community. They have similar opinions on classical music, have similar tastes and preferences on classical music and other life issues.

I need the paper between 1000-1200 words

there are a few problems that I see with your outline. I’m going to list them here and I’ve put a few comments in the document as well.

1. I can’t tell if you mean classical music (Chopin, Bach, Mozart, etc.) or classic music (for example, we have classic rock which includes rock & roll groups like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, etc.). Be sure to clarify which one you mean.

2. High school students is too big of a discourse community. Think about it this way–there are millions of high school students in the U.S. alone–they don’t all gather in one place to talk about music.

Pick one specific one or a website (a page on reddit for example).

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