Characteristics and Similarities of All Civilizations Though History Discussion

Question Description

(1) Compare contemporary civilization to ancient Paleolithic and Neolithic Civilization. What similar characteristics do we share with ancient cultures (e.g., food production, organized living, occupational specialization)? This response should include a minimum of 600 words and three resources.

(2) Review/Research Roman architecture and answer the following questions in an essay (please do not include questions in the critique):

1. How did the invention of the arch contribute to Roman dominance in the region?

2. What kinds of civic architecture did the romans create?

3. Why was it in the government’s interest to sponsor the building of those works?

4. Are there any comparable parallels.

*Include at least ten or more art terms in tthe minimum 1-page critique. (flamboyant, arch, colonnade, dome, vault, pier, keystone, masonry, pendentive, arcade, buttress, comcrete, International style, cantilever, dressed stone, etc.)

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