EGS 3720 USF Culture Communication and Consequences Analysis Paper

Question Description


  1. Review the Culture and Interpersonal Communication reading
  2. Use the Country Comparison tool (Links to an external site.) on the Hofstede Insights website to learn about Ukraine’s cultural components, and to read the comparative analysis between Ukraine and your country.
    • After your searches, click: “Read more about chosen countries,” then, read more.
      • You will use these analyses to answer the questions in the Culture, Communication, and Consequences analysis document provided for you
  3. Download this Culture, Communication, and Consequences Analysis document
    • Complete all sections, including the cover page
    • Erase all instructional sections as directed throughout the document
    • Insert your name or country as instructed throughout the document
      • These appear as: [your name]; [your last name only], and [your country or countries]
    • Questions are listed on different pages, which have been separated using the “Page Break” formatting function in MS Word
    • Answer all questions thoughtfully and thoroughly, and use specific examples from the HBO series Chernobyl as required throughout
    • A Table of Contents has been included for you, and links to the document sections.
    • Because basic introductions, some visuals, a table of contents, footnotes, and question instructions are included throughout the document, this document appears quite long, and may appear intimidating. While this assignment requires you to think critically, analytically, and from different perspectives, the totality of actual writing you do for this assignment will be considerably less than the the total page count indicates.
    • However, this is an involved assignment, so you should give yourself time to complete it in chunks (see below).
  4. Although this is not a technically difficult assignment (you’re not writing a cohesive essay, and most of the context and formatting work has been done for you), it is an involved assignment and has a significant point value. You are being asked to think critically, analytically, and from different perspectives, and those things take concentration and time. Therefore, it is important that you give yourself time to complete this assignment in chunks.
    • Start now by reading the attached assignment document and reading the Ukraine cultural component analysis on the Hofstede Insights website.

    My last name is Xie and The country I live in is China.The uploaded Word is the document that needs to be completed, while the uploaded PDF is the reading material.

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