ENGL 1301 College of Biblical Studies The Hiding Place Reading Narrative Essay

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Genre: Narrative – A narrative tells a story of a person, place or event. Examples of Excellence – Narrative Essay.pdf

Title: Perspective Essay: “My Birthday in Prison” (You may create your own title based on the perspective you will use for this essay.)

Formatting: Turabian Writing Style

Pre-Reading: Read The Hiding Place, pp. 151 – 170 in the chapter entitled, “Scheveningen.”

Auditory Learners: You may also listen to chapter 10 of The Hiding Pace by accessing the audio/video library. It is also suggested the you watch the movie, The Hiding Place, in order to gain a broader understanding the story of The Hiding Place.

Perspective narratives can begin with an introductory sentence that sets the stage for the entire essay. A simple but profound statement can set the stage for your entire writing assignment. Example: Never in a million years did I ever think that I would spend my birthday in prison. But it happened. Unexpectedly and without warning. (From here, continue the story, just as if Corrie was telling the story from her own experiences and perspectives.)

General Instructions: The goal of this essay is to submit a well-developed narrative essay that demonstrates your ability to utilize a text to organize a pattern of academic thoughts and ideas. Writing the perspective narrative will give you the opportunity to tell a story through the writing of someone other than yourself. It will help you to develop empathy and understanding for others based on their personal life experiences.

In this assignment, you will write from the perspective of Corrie ten Boom. Using words that you believe would come directly from her heart and mind, tell her story as it is related in chapter 10. Pay attention to her questions about her faith, God’s purpose in her imprisonment, and how she tried to compare her sufferings with the sufferings of Christ. Note also the calendar that she scratched on the wall to help her keep track of the dates of her imprisonment. She specifically mentions April 15th as “My Birthday in Prison” (see p. 164).

Do not copy words from the book. Use your own words to develop Corrie’s story. For an additional resource on how to complete this assignment, review the PowerPoint “Examples of Excellence: Week Two-Writing the Perspective Narrative.

Your Week Two Grammar Resource (which begins on p.2 of this document) also provides additional information that can be applied to this week’s assignment.

General Formatting Requirements: This assignment requires a minimum of 2 – 4 pages for the essay section of your submission. In addition, you will need a cover page, and a formatted Bibliography page. Double spacing, page numbers, and a Times New Roman 12 pt. are also required. Watch my tutorials on Turabian style for extra help. 🙂

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