Glendale College Tools of Combating Domination Systems Annotated Bibliography

Question Description

  1. Let’s think back at this WHOLE entire class. Think about the tools you have acquired to address systems of domination. From oppression, to sexism, to racism, white supremacy, representation, patriarchy etc – all the terms, concepts and ideas experienced by by our featured ethnic minority women in the United States. They prevailed despite these systems of domination. So let’s see someone in action in the House of Representatives educate congress about systems of domination. It’s only under 10 minutes.

Pretend you are writing a letter to your friend. You share with them that you saw the video about AOC responding to Rep. Yoho’s actions. Explain to them WHY the incident AOC describes is not about one incident. “It is cultural. It is a culture of a lack of impunity, of acceptance of violence and violent language against women, an entire structure of power that supports that.”

Next, explain what YOU think needs to be an attainable and do-able action you and your friend can take – however small or big. Include why you are inspired by your action. What story, source or even video from the course inspires you?


Use the WHOLE course to frame your letter. Don’t make it about your own personal experience not associated with the class. Make it about your experience with the course content. How do you see the value of her speech and its’ relationship to the course?

It’s a letter, so you can keep it informal yet driven by your knowledge of the course.


  1. Incorporate a minimum of 4 connections to the class. ANY CONNECTION. Remember that they did not read or watch or experience this class. YOU have to explain it to them.
  2. It’s a letter. NOT an essay.

Four or more excellent connections to the course are made to address the letter prompt. It is evident the writer put much thought and connection into this course while addressing the letter prompt. The systems of domination are clearly explained how they are a part of our American culture. The intended action is presented. The source of inspiration is provided. The overall letter read informal yet informative. It enables the reader to fully understand the overall point of the letter.

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