Grossmont College The Execution of May 3 1808 Spain 1814 Artwork Discussion

Question Description

For this discussion topic, I want you to choose one image from Chapter 10, and make a connection on how it is relevant in todays world (anywhere in the world).

Here are the steps for this discussion board topic:

1. Choose an image from Ch 10. Upload it to your post.

2. Make a contemporary “current issue” connection ➞➞➞to your image from Ch 10. Basically, tell us why the image you chose relates to “todays” world. Remember, this can be related to anywhere in the contemporary world of 2020.

3. Use your own cultural background, ethnicity or race to make the connection- if you can.

Please follow the numbered format for your post, all points are required.

Embedded Image from Ch 10; please do not upload a file.

Image information: title, artist, medium (what it is made of, date)

Tell us in your own words, what the artwork from Ch 10 is about.

Tell us, why you think that this image is related to todays world.

Be specific; use an example of a current issue that relates to the ideas from your selected image from Ch 10.

Provide a reliable source/article link for the current issue that you are linking.

Doing this: 1) Validates your post with a reliable source and 2) Gets you started on a researched based analysis.

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