IBUS 255 Capilano University Social Relations Orientation Discussion

Question Description

As written in your eLearn summary note Sept 23, Chapter 4 introduces you to the whole area of cultural Patterns and Communications and focuses on Foundations. The Kluckhohn and Strodtbeck model addresses four major questions that cultures face, and then describes five major patterns in how a culture orients itself to activities, social relations, the self, the world, and the passage of time.

Your task today is to choose any one of these major patterns, and compare how Canada and another country of your choice address that particular pattern.Be sure you are comparing Canada to another country where their cultural pattern is different – ie do not choose Canada and US, UK, Australia etc.These countries have similar patterns to Canada.Do not choose your own home country (ie India, Philippines, Iran, etc) because if your background is from another country, you already understand the differences and almost automatically code-switch (see Cpt 7 if you want to know what this means).

Before you start the DF, be very sure you understand what these patterns mean. The strategy suggested in your eLearn summary note of last week was to compare Canada with an example from the TED talk you watched earlier.That can help you understand what cultural patterns mean.

The process:

Go to the Global Affairs website and figure out which questions relate to which of the five patterns. For this DF, do not choose any of the last 5 questions to consider – specifically the questions starting at “Recommended books/films/foods” and ending at “Stereotypes”.

Choose one of the patterns (one of activities, social relations, the self, the world, and the passage of time) and the Global Affairs question you think relates to that pattern

Look at Canada’s response and choose a second country where you think the cultural pattern would result in a different response.

The questions:

Answer the following 5 questions.

Number each question so the other people in your group can see you have answered them all.

  • The Cultural Pattern I choose was: (choose only one)
  • The Global Affairs question that I think relates to this pattern is: (choose only one)
  • I compared Canada to (insert the country name) Canada’s answer to that question was: (cut/paste the answer from the Global Affairs website)
  • (insert country name) answer to that question was: (cut/paste the answer from the Global Affairs website)
  • As a Canadian, if I were doing business in this country, I would need to adjust my behavior by (describe how understanding cultural patterns and research from Global Affairs would change your behaviour if you were working in that country)

Start a new discussion thread – call your submission “Individual Submission”. Post directly on eLearn (do not attach a word doc)

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