LIT 1000 FIU The Lottery Is the Damaging Nature of Blindly Discussion

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What is the theme of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” and (b) how did you determine theme? (c) Provide at least one piece of evidence and one symbol that led you to your understanding of theme. As you respond to your peers, discuss similarities and differences in interpretations.

You must post an initial response to the prompt questions above and respond to at least two of your peers. Each of your posts must range between 100-200 words. I look forward to sharing in your responses!

Respond to this as well:

Heily Rodriguez

Discussion 4

After reading “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson, I realize the theme can vary. But to me, it consisted mainly about vulnerability because they’re blindly following traditions. Just because these traditions are seen as the “norm” does not mean that it’s correct to follow them. This was determined whenever the villagers’ blind acceptance of the lottery literally allowed murder to become a part of their town; they were stoning whoever was picked from the black box, yet no one questions it because it was ‘tradition.’ They have to kill people whenever told to, which is in no way or form right.. yet as mentioned, it isn’t questioned because it being a tradition is enough justification. It’s truly sad that there was so much lack of sympathy as well. In this occasion, it would have been great to have a sense of individuality and be able to distinguish amongst right and wrong; but they were blindly following what was normalized. The theme could also be fear of change. This is because although there is nothing forcing them to keep following these traditions, they do not try to make any change. Old man Warner even mentioned that he fears the villagers will return to ‘primitive times’ if the lottery is not continued. Even if they felt it was wrong inside, they continued to follow these customs with no lack of sympathy, and of course, completely blindsided.

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