NU Ways to Reboot Business Momentum in The Midst of Covid 19 ?Journal Entry

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Accounting Journal:To encourage students to keep on top of current day events that revolve around accounting and financial reporting issues in the business world, I am assigning a journal as part of the course. The journal will consist of finding a minimum of 4 articles/examples of issues relevant to our course topics. The articles should be taken from periodicals, newspapers, magazines, downloaded from the internet or other legitimate sources. I would recommend sources such as The CPA Journal, CFO, Businessweek, The Journal of Accountancy, Wall Street Journal. The scope of the journal should consist of articles or events that recently happened (within the last year). The article must be included within the journal. Any article that I distribute in class is off limits from being included in this assignment. Also, you cannot repeat topics more than once. You must provide a written explanation substantiating the application of course content to each article documented in a journal. (How is the article relevant: new FASB ruling, greed demonstrated by business, ethics in financial reporting, etc.) The journal will be due on the last day of classes – October 24, 2020.

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