Prince Georges Community College Improving the Image of Nursing Discussion

Question Description

    • Please watch this videos from above and also chick on the links , view the you-tube videos , page-they cover varioustopics about nursing and can be included in this discussion board. Someinclude some television show clips that have nurses and also interviewswith people on the street about what nursing is. Hopefully this willgive you all a better picture of how the public views nursing. There isalso a video about the struggles of minority students and nursing. Myhope, is that by the end of this course you will be a strong voice fornursing, with the goal of sharing who nurses are, and why we do what wedo!
      The questions beloware discussion starters and you do not have to answer all of them-choosewhat interests you to discuss! Remember, your initial post can be300-500 words, basically about 1-2 paragraphs.

    • What do youthink nursing is? .
    • What has most influenced how you see nursing?
    • Have you had someone tell you to become a doctor instead?
    • Whatcan we as nurses and nursing students do to positively or negativelyaffect the image of nursing?
    • This is more of a “personal” discussion andbring in resources, . please review the rubric for discussionposts-they need to be “substantial”- have depth and your answers need tobe substantial and carry forward the conversation.
    • (This is the rubric)
    • The post should address the topic
    • The post should relates to information from the learning activities orobjective (The Scope and Standards of Practice)
    • APA citation ,reference

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