Texas Southern University Common Behavioral Excesses and Deficits Discussion

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Common Behavioral Excesses and Deficits

Address the ways that these excesses and deficits may also serve as strengths in clients’ lives.

  1. Children and adolescents
  1. Excesses—throwing tantrums, whining, watching television, dawdling, procrastinating, fighting, yelling, teasing, stealing, lying, nail biting, pulling hair, destroying property, being truant, aggressing, arguing, disrupting, eating excessively, using drugs
  1. Deficits—in complying with instructions, playing cooperatively, attending, studying, sharing, making friends, being assertive, speaking, reading, arising, grooming, controlling anger, socializing, going to bed, doing homework, eating properly
  2. Adults
  3. Deficits—in socializing, expressing tenderness, solving problems, managing money, controlling anger, listening without interrupting, seeking employment, planning nutritious meals, maintaining cleanliness and adequate hygiene, sending clear messages, recognizing and responding to needs of others, complying with laws, grooming, sexual functioning, parenting, fulfilling assignments, assertiveness
  4. Excesses—in nagging, criticizing, eating, drinking, smoking, behaving violently, engaging in unacceptable sexual behavior, fantasizing, cleaning obsessively, arguing, using drugs, engaging in ingratiating behavior, dominating or intimidating others, breaking laws, lying, deceiving, indulging impulses and desires

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