The University of British Columbia Safe Work Environment Discussion

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1.How safe is your work environment?

Learning more about safety this week what insights have you gotten about how important safety is? What do you believe is a safety risk in your workplace?

The below is the model of the other student use this as a reference before you start the work avoid text book languague use simple words .

Hello Everyone,

As per my views, when you look at theory aspect of written rules and regulations, the scope is very large and wider and it covers almost every corner of workplace safety.But as we all know rules can be implicated only if you have expertise in it. Its not only employer but also employee who must know their rights to work or to refuse to work on safety grounds.It is possible only if employees,themselves takes initiative to know about what comes under their jurisdiction.

In translink, as an operator ,when we start our work from yard, we have to pre trip the vehicle,if we found any defect in the bus then we have to decide whether we can drive the bus as per commercial driving safety act and worksafe bc. we can refuse to drive only if we know that if this defect gives us right to refuse.For example, defect in brakes,doors, lights,tires gives us right to say no to drive the bus and bus change is requested. sama rules applies when it occurs on road or in service. suppose if outside mirror is broken,control room can say that take this bus to next stop, but if you dont feel safe you can say no and they have to accept it.but if you are not being educated and you have no expertised knowledge, you can not bring these rules in force . so its not one way traffic.

Another thing is that safety regulations at workplace are not meant for employees only, even your customer must follow them as in current situation of covid19, masks are mandatory. even in buses, you must have seen the notices like WATCH YOUR STEP, FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY PLEASE HOLD ON WHILE BUS IS MOVING. Company has done their job as they posted it as per regulations but enforcement is to be done by customer itself unless otherwise they will jeoperdise their own safety. so it takes a pair of hands to clap not single hand

At my workplace,being a unionised environment,everything goes by rulebook, any injury at work or any issues related to health and safety, goes via union as they have committee formed for each specialisation. there are some educational courses available as well. once you are done then you are eligilbe to run for elections to get elected in these i can say that environment is less risky to safety but beacuse of lack of knowledge, still there are some issues which does not get addressed properly. example, the compensation for self isolating is still pending that whether its under extended coverage or worksafe bc.

2. Reply the discussion post Agreeing the above written paragraphs also write few sentences on it .(2 paragraphs)


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