UCB The Impact of Collateral Damage Caused by Superheroes Essay

Question Description

Please upload your final draft as either a PDF or Word document. Before uploading, please read through the following reminders and suggestions:

Check the Minimum Requirements: *Failure to meet the minimum requirements listed below will result in an F on the assignment.

  • Check the word count. The essay must be at least 1700 words. If you haven’t met this requirement, think about adding another quote sandwich, or look for areas where you could be more detailed with your analysis.
  • Ensure that you have at least 1 outside source. I should clearly see where the source is being used within the essay. (You cannot use Wikipedia or dictionary definitions as your required outside source).
  • Check your Works Cited. You must have a Works Cited page attached to your essay. Everyone will have the graphic novel listed as a source. You must also use one additional source.
    • If you have the hard copy of the graphic novel, you can use this link to help create the basic book citation: Owl Purdue MLA Books
    • If you have the e-book version of the graphic novel, you can use this link to help create the e-book citation: Owl Purdue MLA Electronic Sources
    • You can also see how to properly cite a webpage or article from a website using the above link.

  • Check your quotes. You need to use at least 4 quotes from the graphic novel throughout your essay. Make sure your quotes are properly sandwiched. You can review the material on quote sandwiching in the Week 5 Module on Canvas. You are also welcome to use images of specific panels from the graphic novel. These would count towards the required 4 quotes.

Additional Suggestions Before Submitting:

  • Look at the feedback from your peers – Be sure to read through all of the feedback that your peers gave in the Peer Reviewed Rough Draft.
  • Review your feedback from your graded essay 1 – Read through all of the feedback that I left on essay 1 to ensure that you are not making the same mistakes in this essay.
  • Read your essay out loud – This will help you to catch grammar errors and awkward phrasing.
  • Check your thesis statement – Remember that we are working with Simple Thesis. Look at the Intro Paragraph PowerPoint to ensure that your thesis is structured correctly. We should be able to clearly see each body paragraph represented in the thesis statement.
  • Answer the Prompt – Make sure your essay is doing more than just summarizing the graphic novel. This should be an analytical essay. It should be very clear which prompt you chose as your focus. Your thesis should directly answer the prompt.
  • Check your citations – Make sure you are giving proper credit whenever you use someone else’s words or ideas. This goes for the hook as well. If you use any specific information, be sure to show where that information is coming from.
  • Check your topic sentences – Remember that the topic sentences should link back to the thesis statement. Look at the Topic Sentences PowerPoint to ensure that your topic sentences are structured correctly.
  • Check your language and tone – Work on sounding professional by removing slang, contractions, vague words like “thing(s)” or “stuff,” and limiting your use of personal pronouns (both first person: I, and second person: you). You do not need to use overly complicated or fancy words to try to sound more professional. Clarity should always be top priority.
  • Look for areas that need more detailed analysis – Remember that analysis should make up the bulk of your essay. It is your job, as the writer, to fully explain everything to the reader and make the connections between your support and your argument. Look for any areas that may need more detailed analysis.
  • Check your format – Make sure your essay is properly formatted, following the current MLA guidelines. Use one inch margins and 12-point font, Times New Roman. Include your last name and page number in the header. Make sure you do not have any extra space between your paragraphs. You can use this link to read about and see examples of proper MLA format: Owl Purdue MLA General Format
  • Read through the whole essay prompt again – Check to make sure that you clearly understood the prompt. Also read through the additional advice section of the prompt.
  • Look at the grading rubric – The grading rubric can be found in the Handy Material for the Whole Semester Module on Canvas.
  • Read your essay out loud again!

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