UMKC Community Outreach Covid 19 Inactivation Questions

Question Description

The objective of this assignment is to gain better understanding of what is currently happening inregards to COVID pathogen inactivation. Restaurants / bars / schools are where much of thepathogen infection is taking place. An inventor is in the process of developing equipment thatexposes airborne COVID pathogens to UV light and high concentrations of ozone. Think of abox (size of a window A/C unit) that takes in air, zaps it with UV light and ozone and thendischarges it to the ambient air with mostly inactivated pathogens. This can be treated like anenvironmental matter – before you can emit your power plant coal combustion smoke you haveto clean it with scrubbers to keep the public safe from dangerous levels of NOx and SO2. Amajor issue that arises is that this equipment could cause significant financial hardship to manyrestaurants / bars / schools due to the expense of the equipment, however it may also save many,many lives.Through independent research and guest lectures you are to respond to the following questionsand use these questions as the headings in your paper. Paper length should be roughly onethousand (1,000) words and each section must be supported by data and authoritative referencesthat are properly cited as footnotes (footnotes are not counted for the purposes of the roughly1,000 word count).

Questions to be Addressed

1. Should restaurants / bars / schools be made responsible for installing this (or maybe otherinactivation equipment) prior to allowing the public to enter?

2. Do a quick current news search and present some examples of COVID inactivationequipment that is either currently in use or currently being developed?

3. Should City Hall or possibly State government mandate using the equipment beforeauthorizing / renewing the occupancy permit? If so, who should pay for it? Is there a wayfor the restaurant / bar / school to pass along the cost of the equipment in some way?

4. On the legal side, how can it be ensured that this equipment is working and maintained?Could there be some legal mandate which holds restaurants / bars / schools accountablefor keeping their equipment working and maintained?

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