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Synthesize materials from drawings, photographs, online videos, guided virtual tours, lectures,and reading material into 7 double-spaced page essay which captures your evaluation/analysisof the house. Due two-weeks after we discuss the house in class. Photos with captionsdiagrams, bibliography/references, and sketches are not included in the page count. The focusof the paper should be on reconciling the theories, writings, and description of ideas present inthe lectures and readings against your own experience of the place. The experience of eachsetting should include (although need not be limited to) the following criteria:

I. Spatial Perception

1. Spatial hierarchy and relationships

2. Spatial sequence, procession, and organization

3. Indoor-outdoor spatial relationships

4. Introduction of natural light

II. Materials and Structure

5. Structural system and expression

6. Materials expression, detailing, color, and texture

III. Attention to Users

7. Function and response to intended user

Please write a 7 page paper, on the reading material I uploaded down below. Please write more specifically about the house that is being talked about in the reading. These evaluation papers are to synthesize and analyze the house (or houses) to a greater extent by thinking more carefully about the issues brought up in the reading. Thanks!

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