University of Waterloo Human Resource Issues in Coca Cola Research Paper

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It’s about Coca Cola!

This is the outline.

. Your goal is to study a real organization making use of the concepts and methods of the course. You should hone-in on some aspects of human resource management that interest you and are relevant to the organization you are studying (see guidelines below). Your study should be analytical and issue-oriented, not merely descriptive.

You should proceed with the following steps in order to prepare the presentation and summary report:

  • Step 1. Choose an organization to study.It should be a for-profit organization of medium size or larger. You will want to choose an organization for which you have a personal interest but also one for which you can readily obtain strategic and financial information.You will find that it is much easier to obtain information on large organizations than on small ones, unless you have a direct personal tie.
  • Step 2. Select three key HRM issues.You need to identify three HRM issues that are relevant to the organization you select. For most organizations, there are a lot of topics from which to choose. HRMIssues/problems: Discussthe organization’s HRM issues you studied and why and how they arerelevant to the organization’s overall success and performance. Rememberto include a description of the organization’s performance overtime, including financial and non-financial indicators.
  • Step 3. Gather relevant information. Familiarize yourself with the organization and use what you have learned from the course to guide you in deciding what information is “relevant” given your topic of interest.Remember to make use of information sources such as (i) the organization’s website, (ii) books about the organization (if any), (iii) magazine articles about the organization, (iv) academic literature/scholarly publications about the organization or industry, (v) case studies (HBS or other) about the organization, (vi) press releases or newspaper coverage, (vii) Securities Commission or other governmental filings, (viii) analyst reports, and (ix) trade publications
  • Step 4. Analyze HRM related problems or issues. Given the information you have gathered about the organization’s HRM issue, try to draw some conclusions about the issues you are studying. Draw on the HRM literature relevant to the issue topic to help you analyze it. Your analysis should be clear, logical, and based on what you have learned from the course.
  • Step 5. Generate suggested solutions.Given your analysis of the HRM issues at hand, generate key steps the organization can take to improve any problems and build on any strengths. Your suggestions should involve things the organization could actually do given its constraints.It might be helpful to first lay out all possible solutions, including the ideal ones in a world without constraints, and then select from those, attempting to approximate ideal ones.Your suggestions should be based whenever possible on principles of HRM knowledge learned in this course.

    Moving forward, I would want someone to help me with the actual paper in a week or two that would the bullet point and ideas given in this research.

    I also want more focus on the 3 key HR issues in Coca Cola internally and externally and I want it to be briefly explained in bullet points or paragraph form!

This course is for Human Resource Management. I will attach the PPT slides if needed!

Thank you so much!!

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